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Diary of a Deauxp Black Artist #5: The artist who doesn't art.


I wanna draw, but I'm too tired, but I wanna draw, but my hand/wrist hurts, but I wanna draw!

As always, I'm dreaming up new ideas. 

You know what a tessellation is? I sucked at them in 4th grade, but I feel like I should try again now!

I'm struggling to figure out what direction I want to go with my art & with my art business. I want to just create random art, but I also would like it to fit within the theme of bYootifulee Hueman....buuut.. maybe it's time to re-invent or expand what bYootifulee Hueman is about?


I do know I need to:

1. Kick it into gear.

2. Realize market saturation is not an excuse to not create

  a. I'm just intimidated.

  b. I'm underestimating myself.

  c. If you can have several brands of soap, toilet paper, bread, ketchup etc... on the same shelf, you can have a bunch of Black art around.

3. Remember who I do it fa!

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