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I'm about to BLOW UP!! Diary of a Deauxp Black Artist #4

It all started on Friday the 13th. A day that superstitious individuals deem as an unlucky day was a blessed day for me. I made my first sales on Vida! Vida is an online retailer that in which Artists can upload their artwork -- from digital art to paintings -- and put it on various premium handmade products! I actually didn't even find out until days later and to my surprise, within about a week I had made 15 sales! I was freaking out and I actually did not believe it at first, but the nice customer service rep confirmed everything! Fast forward to today, just about a month later I have sold over 90 items in this shop!! Simply amazing and I give it all to God! Thank you to all who have supported my vida collection.

There's a lesson here though. If you follow my blog posts you probably saw the one where I said I wanted to burn all my art and woe is me yada yada yada. There are going to be times when you feel like no one likes what you do and you're not good enough, but I challenge you to keep pushing forward like I have and continue until someone notices your greatness! Someone will recognize just how DEAUXP you are!!

Please check out the premium items I have available via vida here:

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